Thank You for the Tree of Remembrance

This is a repost from 2009 in memory of Victor Lindwall who will always remain in our hearts and memories.

The Pagans used to celebrate the Winter Solstice by hanging apples and fruit on a conifer to represent future harvest bounty during the darkest night of the year (December 21).

Then they would light candles to represent the light of the sun.

The evergreen conifer represented eternal life.

On the New year, they cut down the tree and burned the Yule Log, to let go of the past year while they planned for Spring by the fire.

This probably got them trough some pretty tough winters.

Now folks have a Christmas tree.

They decorate a conifer with trinkets and baubles, light it up, and put wrapped gifts underneath to offer future bounty to friends and family in the form of socks and ipods and such.

Most of these gifts will probably be worn out by Spring.

Somewhere between then and now, the evergreen tree came to symbolize a lot of religious hubbub that I don’t really integrate into my holiday season, but sometimes I enjoy watching other folks get all mushy about it.

I don’t usually put up a tree during the holidays, but my pal, Victor brought me a rosemary tree.

It’s about a foot high and I put a cloisonné hummingbird on top of it.

Rosemary is called the herb of remembrance and it symbolizes loyalty and friendship.

It’s also been known to enhance one’s memory.

The hummingbird is my personal totem and it represents gathering the nectar of life with love and joy—far superior to a north star or an angel with a trumpet.

So I like this new holiday combination.

It’s a perfect symbol for remembering the joy and love of life.

But this one will live all year long.

And instead of burning the yule log, all I have to do is bake something with some of the rosemary, and my home will be filled with the bounty of friendship and good memories from solstice to solstice.

Thanks, Victor!


~ by leakelley on November 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “Thank You for the Tree of Remembrance”

  1. You are most welcome!
    Thanks for your beautiful mind.

  2. I love rosemary, the way it looks, smells, cooking with it…and I especially loved my rosemary “Christmas” tree one year…which I later planted in the garden.

    What a perfect gift!

  3. yea, thank vic and lea. he was simply a good friend and we liked holidaze just for that. hehe

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