Lea Kelley Links and Contact




CONTACT:    msleakelley@gmail.com

4 Responses to “Lea Kelley Links and Contact”

  1. I LOVE this!!!

  2. Hi Lea, I love your art 🙂 I clicked on the “view all images,” but could never get them to load where I could see them better. But just from the thumbnail view, they look wonderful. Of the 10 thumbnails, I was especially drawn to the second and the sixth one from the left. The sixth, the beautiful purple and blue. And the second one with all the red reminded me of my “Fire in the Belly” (see on my blog under “Dove’s Art.” I also love the pics at the top of your blog. I got here via an “organizing” tag that brought me to your elaboration about space and objects, I’m into that puzzle thing your talking about too 🙂 My best discovery, from being a neat-freak organizer, is how incredibly valuable, how precious SPACE is. In space, I see freedom, opportunity, peace, that which some call “God.” And, oddly enough, I think that’s why many of us feel compelled to fill up all those nooks and crannies — we fear the power in “space.” Even in knowing that, I still have to wrestle with myself to leave those nooks and crannies free of stuff, space for that wonderful life “energy” to breathe and flow freely in my life. But I’m getting so ggod about doing that 🙂


  3. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  4. 🙂

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