Thank you for Living Things I Have Seen in Person


There is a beauty in seeing undomesticated animals in their own environment.

I have seen many wild animals in zoos and other man made environments for observing nature.

But I have been blessed with meeting these ones in their homes during my travels on land and sea.


Whales, Dolphins, Seals, and Otters

Coyote, Fox, a Wolf

Buffalo, Moose, Caribou

Elk, Deer, Antelope

Lynx and Bob Cats

Bald Eagle, Hawks, Falcons, Vultures, Hummingbirds, Owls

Skunks, Raccoons, Beaver, Opossum, Prairie dogs, Rabbits (Hare)

Wild Horses

Weasel, A Badger,  Porcupine,

Blue Heron, Egret, Pelican, Flamingo

Monkeys (in Ubud, Bali)

Rattle Snakes

Mountain Goats, Ram

and some wild, wild, humans

Thanks for the hospitality!

Beautiful Animals:


~ by leakelley on December 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Living Things I Have Seen in Person”

  1. I was able to enjoy 13 of the animals in your list when I lived in the woods in Northern Arkansas! What an awesome experience! I get nostalgic when thinking about it.

  2. Everything you listed except the Lynx, Bobcat, Flamingo, Badger, and monkey. So jealous of the lynx! What a trip that was for you!

    Lots more birds, and you have also seen a Great White Heron Lea, in my creek!

    Baby Bald eagle most recently soared 5 feet above my head above a cliff at the ocean.

    I can add a few:

    bear (crossing Savage Creek Rd)
    mountain lion (under my window!)
    A huge Blue Fin tuna that swam with me, probably over 1000 pounds
    Another we share, crabs dancing under the full moon.
    Multiple shelled creatures in the sea, urchins, parrot fish, dozens and dozens of fish and eels and rays.
    A giant turtle.
    Swam in schools of Barracuda…scary looking, but very accepting.
    Chipmunks and squirrels and field rats and mice.
    Many different kinds of snakes.
    Many flying insects, from dragonflies to hundreds of monarch butterflies returning to Carmel.
    Shark (luckily from shore!)
    River Otters
    Frogs (currently surrounded by small greenish blue ones outside)

  3. I must compliment you on such a very interesting post.

    I don’t commonly comment on blogs but somehow this article captured my attention.

    Very well written. Thanx

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