Thank You for Green Pills (eco-pharmaceuticals?)

When I was a kid, the older folks would say “Don’t be such a pill! Go outside and play.”

This was their response to questions they did not want to answer, and my first negative association with the word Pill.

Then I discovered Pill bugs, a hard pill to swallow, pill box hats, and She took the easy way out with a handful of pills. 

THE Pill”  was the symbol of sexual freedom and the portent of dread if one “forgot to take her pill”.

There were pill parties (probably still) in which prescriptions of the attendees would be mixed in a big bowl on the coffee table like a party snack and randomly selected for the ultimate mystery adventure.

These memories are from a time when pharmaceutical companies were prohibited from advertising their wares to the public.

These days, there is a pill for anything which we find difficult to accept as human beings.

We are a pill popping society of legal drug addicts, imprisoning derelicts who don’t get their coping problems solved through socially acceptable “drug dealers”.

The word “Medication” has replaced the word “Pills” in our vocabulary.

I once met an old guy in San Francisco that called Bourbon his “Medicine”. People chuckled at this like he was one clever fellow to disguise his blatantly destructive alcoholism under the blanket of acceptable disease prevention.

Laudanum (opium tincture) was called “Medicine” and dispensed in the early 19th century to cure every ailment (including attitude) under the sun.  It was also cheaper than a bottle of wine at that time.

We know what followed that brilliant stroke of ingenious pharmacopoeia!

I am in no way implying that I am adverse to the amazing discoveries in medicine which have healed, cured, and continue to alleviate genuine medical conditions that are unbearable to the sufferer. My own mother was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and I am convinced her medication saved her life and prevented further violence to others—even with the drawbacks and sad side effects.

I also have friends that would not be here without life saving medical intervention and treatment plans for which I am grateful.


My concern (and confusion) is with the marketing and promulgation of pills to the general public as miracles and problem solvers to replace coping skills and promote “the easy way out with a handful of pills”.

I wonder where this will lead.

I wonder who is really benefitting from this new pharmacopoeia?

I also wonder why we think it’s okay to eat pills from pharmaceutical companies but it’s not okay to smoke plants from the Earth.

This does not seem to be a “Green” philosophy (unless the green has a picture of a US president on it).


~ by leakelley on July 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Green Pills (eco-pharmaceuticals?)”

  1. “We are a pill popping society of legal drug addicts who imprison derelicts who don’t get their coping problems solved through socially acceptable “drug dealers”.”

    we need to re-evaluate our society indeed.

  2. Could it be that the Land of the Free isn’t anymore what it used to be? How could there be freedom when politics rule?

  3. god pill parties, thats a worrying trend!

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