Thank You For Things You Should Kiss

A baby’s belly

The top of a kitten’s head

Grandma cheeks

Grandchild cheeks

The back of your wife’s neck when you need attention and your wife is focused on something else

The ring of anyone with the courage to pretend they are the Pope.

The wrist of someone you love

A fevered brow

A very tall man’s chest when he hugs you

The first dollar your business earns

A Boo Boo (after you put a Band-Aid on it)

The gas station clerk who tells you that you just won the lottery

All French people you meet (on both cheeks)

Flamboyant Hollywood supah stahs and anyone who calls you Dahling (air kisses only)

The hand of a Queen (but only if she is waving a rainbow flag and winks at you)

An offering to a Holy Man

The feet of a child you are tickling

The tarmac after you get off an airplane that got caught in a lightning storm

Anyone you are trapped with in an elevator when the end looks imminent

Everybody at a new Year’s Eve party

NO Body’s Butt for any reason!


~ by leakelley on June 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Thank You For Things You Should Kiss”

  1. Love it!! 😀

  2. What an ending!
    Love it love it love it.

    (Blowing kisses at Lea)

  3. Aw


  4. I’m embroidering this on a pillow.

  5. Thank YOU, Lea Kelley, for sharing THIS, one of THE awesomest posts in the history of The Blogosphere #smilesandhugs

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