Thank You for Relaying and Relating Information

Of all the things that run through my mind, only a few leave tangible footprints.

As an abstract thinker, I am rarely compelled to grab a transient thought and wrestle it into reality.

Generally, I just watch the mind parade and enjoy the show of daydreams until a foot print inspires me to feel like doing something.

Footprints left from standing in another’s shoes  make an impact on me and instigates these feelings.

They add emotional content to the parade of thoughts and inspire me to follow them into action.

Human interaction is the thing that reminds us to remain human—with feelings in tact.

So often, we can forget how important it is to actually feel what we experience, until it is reflected back to us by another human being.

Our culture is inundated with sound bytes, facts, statistics, and other analytical information that runs through our heads like a synaptic marathon.

Some of that information is using a lot of space, which could be used to stimulate the amygdala, or the feeling part of our brain, and negotiating the prefrontal cortex to create emotional meaning.

In our technology-dominant environment, we frequently forget to relate to one another on basic human terms.

We are so busy navigating our way through information that we sometimes forget to stand in the shoes of those around us and walk toward understanding.

It’s one thing to know a lot of facts about living.

It’s another thing to actually know how to live.

An information relay can be can be run in any type of shoe, but to relate demands walking in another’s shoes.


~ by leakelley on May 18, 2010.

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