Thank You for Silver Tongued Devils, The Golden Mean, and a Healthy Sky

September 22, 2009

Pythagoras, Confucius, and some other thoughtful folks, worked very hard to show us how to walk the middle of the road without extremes.

The Golden Mean is a terrific way to live, if you like the middle of the road and don’t  tend to over eat or starve yourself. (which, incidentally, doesn’t work as well in the feast or famine lifestyle of an artist but it can be done with good planning)

The Golden Mean is also a good testament to recycling and waste not, want not kind of thinking.

And it’s not too risky, emotionally.

It’s a nice and balanced concept.

The Golden ratio is a real fine idea if you are an artist trying to divide a rectangular canvas into an esthetically pleasing image.

I like more sky in a painting than grass—but I am a dreamer.


Isn’t it funny how the Golden Mean, or striking a happy medium between excess and deficiency in our lives, can get completely out of whack when we come across a silver tongued devil?

It just takes one lick of a silver tongue to screw up this happy balance.

There you are, living your life without any drama—no extremes, just walkin’ down the middle of the road feelin’ groovy, minding your own business, and painting grass in the lower portion of your canvas, letting the sky do it’s own thing at the top.

And Shazam!

Out comes some silver tongue, yammerin’ about how everything in the world doesn’t necessarily balance out and maybe you ought to start thinking about painting your grass higher up on the canvas.

Maybe you can get more out of life than those other folks, walkin’ down the middle of the road.

Maybe you should ask for a new bike for Christmas, even if you already have two.

Maybe you should be the CEO instead of a production line worker so you can get rich.

Maybe you want to collect cars and houses even if you can only use one at a time.


That’s all fine and good.

Maybe it’s true.

Maybe we should all have excesses out the yin yang.

Maybe we should all paint more grass on our canvas and squeeze the sky into a tiny slice at the top of the painting.

But I like laying on a small patch of grass, looking at a giant sky.

The sky just wouldn’t be the same if the golden ratio was different.

If we all kept filling the canvas with greedy grass, the sky would probably just disappear.

That does not make a pretty picture.

Maybe we could turn our silver tongued devils off for a day, appreciate what we have without worrying about more, and keep a big chunk of healthy sky from getting licked into oblivion.


~ by leakelley on September 21, 2009.

One Response to “Thank You for Silver Tongued Devils, The Golden Mean, and a Healthy Sky”

  1. Good idea. 🙂

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