Thank You for not Stealing My Kidney, with my Wallet

To that lone person whom I have not met, that REALLY does NOT want to give healthcare to the working class.

This post is for your eyes only, those eyes that must not be open, those eyes that have never cried after working your ass off in a labor pool all day to come home and look at your seven year old daughter weak from dialysis that you sold your home to afford.

Those eyes that have never seen grand parents get divorced after 50 years of happy marriage to fit into a medical program that forces them to sell off life long hard earned assets before they can qualify.

Yeah this post is for you, the one person I have never met that believes that health prevention is a bad idea for single mothers who work two jobs so they don’t have to accept Welfare.

You, the one who hasn’t noticed all the new part time jobs cropping up that don’t offer benefits with 39 hour weeks.

Okay, are you listening?

Here I go, this is for you…

What kind of imbicilic, fear mongering, corporate controlled, beneficiary of Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industry propaganda argues that Universal Health Care is a bad idea?

What kind of McCarthyist, ass kissing, finger pointing, closet sociophobe really believes this country would go to Hell in a Socialist Hand basket if we used our tax dollars to keep our people healthy after busting the nonexistent budget trying to kill them off in oil for profit wars?

What pathetic excuse for a member of society would even whisper that they don’t want their tax dollars going to disease prevention for the working class who are breaking their backs to keep those tax dollars flowing into programs that benefit everyone but themselves.

Seriously, are you really arguing here about NOT providing healthcare to every human being that needs it?

Keep people afraid of their medical chart being controlled by the government.

Tell them about the big bad Bureaucracy boogie man—like HMO’s don’t have Bureaucracy.

Scare them into believing they will be on waiting lists for a kidney—like Blue Cross doesn’t reject a claim three times before they pay it.

Go ahead and slip that Religion tarnished, shamed by ignorance, abortion issue into the decision making so being healthy correlates with morality!

Do you REALLY believe we won’t even notice our wallet has already been stolen by your lobbyist pals?

Maybe American citizens and workers should be considered a Special Interest Group.

We might get our needs met on the agenda before you and your party crashers.

Profiteers like yourself, who have no qualms about exploiting humans for dollars to pass around for elitist opportunities and corporate agendas make me uncomfortable and give me dis-eases.

You, who drive a limousine through working class and low income neighborhoods, pretending to empathize make me sick.

But I can’t see a doctor about it—got no health insurance.

What’s the matter with you?

Have you run out of that expensive medication that takes you to your happy place?

What do you mean, you don’t want healthcare for your friends and neighbors, for everyone in this country?

What do you got, a secret stash of kidneys and a chemo kit of your own?

You don’t ever have to worry about health insurance, huh?

You probably wouldn’t give your neighbor a band-aid for free if he needed it, would you?

Well, I’m thankful you don’t need a kidney—or a medication to treat your social disorder.

But I don’t trust you with my kidney—or my wallet, or my social order.

Sir, please step away from the Senator.


~ by leakelley on September 15, 2009.

One Response to “Thank You for not Stealing My Kidney, with my Wallet”

  1. Great post and so glad to see you are blogging again.

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