Thank you for Oracles and Refrigerator Boxes



Have you ever had one of those moments when you didn’t know what you knew until you spoke it out loud?


I call those moments Oracular. 


It’s kinda like we all have an inner Oracle that we can consult when we’re trying to figure out what is true.


Many cultures participate in forms of divination, from tossing bones or stones to reading palms, tarot cards, tea leaves, and the stars.


People pray to Gods, the Universe, and the Great Spirit for answers to overwhelming life situations.


We consult priests, therapists, psychics, ministers, and talk show hosts to find out things about ourselves that we probably know better than anyone else.


There seems to be a need to lay our inner authority on the alter of external validation to clarify the mysteries of the evolving self.


Sometimes we ask friends or spouses, or even strangers a question to which we already know the answer.

“Do you think this refrigerator box makes my butt look big?”


Maybe it’s because we can’t get a full view of a refrigerator box in a bathroom mirror.


It’s much easier to give someone else responsibility for how we are perceived, than maneuver a refrigerator box into a  position of self clarity.


Sometimes it’s interesting to just poke our own head into the giant box we are wearing and look at it from the inside.

If we say to ourselves aloud “It is logical that this box makes my butt look huge.” then we will hear our inner Oracle respond “Well…yeah!”


Sometimes we really benefit from an outside view which we cannot acquire without the reflective mirror of others. They can be our Delphi.


But there are also times to trust our inner Oracle and just say it out loud so we know we got it right.

There is usually no self doubt involved in a true Oracular moment.




~ by leakelley on May 7, 2009.

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