Thank You for Last and Things that Last



Last Call, Last Laugh, Last time ever I saw your face, Last minute, Last Samurai, Last days, last time I’ll ever do that, Last Dance, Last but not least, Last Chance, Last Meal, Last Stop Texaco, Last of the Mohicans, Last Word, Last Kiss, Last gasp of Hope, Last Night…

And Things that Last (but sometimes change):

Good friendships, Mountains, Violins, Heroes and Martyrs, Well crafted furniture, Redwood Trees,  A song heard in a department store that sticks in your head, Nature without interference, History, An Education…

Things we like to make last as long as possible:

Special moments, Our bodies, Tiramisu or ice cream, Shoes, The innocence of children, A moment in the sun, Lovemaking, The weekend, A road trip, Relationships, Life lessons, Good impressions, A lollipop, A good book, Money, Our Name,  A hand made quilt, An ideal, and of course, LOVE

~ by leakelley on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for Last and Things that Last”

  1. They may be last… but certainly not the least.

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