Thank You for Windows

I claim windows where ever I go. I have since childhood.

They are the portal of daydreams and the invisible shield that guards an observer from the world. Windows are the stuff of great metaphors (the eyes are the window to the soul) and the entry point of adventurers (She came in through the bathroom window).

Windows are the vulnerability that humans leave open to demonstrate the innate trust of other humans.

We put our pies in the window. We yell out windows in alley ways. We place locks on them when we are afraid, yet deep within us we know a window lock is absurd (much like fear) because harm knows how to break glass.

We are ever peering into the windows of others to catch a glimpse of their Christmas tree, their secret life, a safe connection to something familiar without crossing a boundary. We watch our own reflections as we stroll by shop windows to see what others may see as we strut down the street.

Windows can be a limitation if we believe we can’t get through the pane (pain), but more often they are the freedom that allows us to be vulnerable as we participate in the world while sheltering us with the belief of separation.

Church windows are “stained glass”. I don’t know how anyone could get a clear vision of God through that. A window of time is an opportunity. A window to another dimension is just beautiful abstraction. Microsoft windows is merely silly corporate thievery of a concept that cannot be owned.

I am thankful for windows. I am thankful to be able to see through them. I am thankful when I am seen through my own window (as long as I got clothes on, of course!).



~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for Windows”

  1. How wonderfully layered this is. I love the imagery of pies in windows and hollering out windows, and the pane (pain). And I’m glad you mentioned Microsoft’s theft.

    Readers of blogs (and thus, fellow bloggers) must naturally be lovers of windows. We are voyeurs into other worlds.

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