Thanks for Givin’ me the Wilis

Wilis (pronounced willees) are beautiful.

It took twenty three years but we finally did it!

Linda and I have said we would go to the ballet for our birthday (February and March) since we were in our twenties.

We never got around to it for one reason or another until last night. It was worth the wait.

In a spontaneous moment, we got balcony seats to see “Giselle” at the Opera  House in San Francisco.

It was magnificient!  I loved the part where the “Wilis” (a stage full of  brides who died  before their wedding day because they dared to dance too much as maidens) floated in gauzy white like smoke, barely touching the stage with those little pink ballerina slippers.

I cried.

Our original intention was to go to the city and have a Linda-Lea day wandering around, having coffee, making silly puns and brilliant jokes but it was stormy and gray.

After  coffee with our pal Laura on Balboa Street, a soaking walk down Haight Street, and a drive through my old nieghborhood on Valencia,  we went to dinner at Ananda Fuara on Market Street.

Ananda Fuara is a groovy, organic-run-by-lovely-people in saris-who… believe in peace on earth, meditation, and giving all their profits to their prophet, vegetarian restaurant.

It was so clean, so sacred, so ORGANIC that Linda was shocked when the beautiful waitress wrapped in colorful silk said they did have diet coke.

Linda was also shocked that it was not brought to the table in a brown paper bag because the holy people were concealing their ties with the capitalist world.

Then… The Ballet!

This morning I am struck with the questions “Why did that take so long?”  and  “What else do we need to do that we have been putting off for reasons we can’t remember?”

I think this is a good time to explore the things we have been missing and start doing something about it.

That idea just gave me the wilis!

~ by leakelley on February 24, 2008.

One Response to “Thanks for Givin’ me the Wilis”

  1. Sounds lovely! I stumbled onto your blog – and I’ve thought about that, what is the disconnect of people who want to see shows but not actually going to see it? I’m glad you had a great time, you can read my review here:
    Great blog!

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