Thank you for “Blogs and Longing”


This is an email that I just got from my very good friend, Sophia (which means “wisdom” and she is the personification of her name).



Good Morning Ms. Lea Kelley,It is 6:52 am and I have been at work for about an hour… and reading your blogs for about the past 20 minutes. I don’t read your blogs often and I just realized why… As I read through the the little crystals of brillance, compassion, humor, insight, understanding (I could go on endlessly) that are displayed in every entry I was amazed all over again at what a beautiful human being you are, so much so, that it hurt my heart because I missed you so much. Its funny, we all make choices in life, I make choices in life, and I chose to move away, first from California and then from Washington. And, though, I am the happiest I have ever been I am sometimes confronted with what I no longer have, such as the opportunity to spend endless hours drinking coffee and speaking about the truths of the Universe (in as much as they have been discovered and maintain the same shape for a moment or two) with the wisest woman I have ever had the great fortune to know. You are so golden, Lea, that you burn the heart and the eyes. Please know that I am so grateful to know you… Love – in this life and all the others – Sophia 

This e mail nudged me into a perspective about choices (and  also made me miss my friend very much).



I have made choices that included leaving loved ones behind and journeying into the unknown to discover—or create my own destiny.


All of those choices have contributed to my evolution. None of them contributed to the loss of friendships or love but they did alter interactions a bit.



Some of my friends live far away but they are never absent. I also need physical proximity sometimes. Having coffee over the phone is not quite the same as sitting at a cafe and pondering the Universe but it is definitely better than remaining in the familiar at the risk of missing the opportunity to be “happier than I’ve ever been”.


Thank you Sophia for having the courage to follow your heart to your own destiny.


And thank you for not leaving me behind. I will always be here even if my destiny takes me to another geograhical location, with a cup of coffe in my hand , smiling and laughing and pondering with you.  


~ by leakelley on December 26, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for “Blogs and Longing””

  1. Thank you Sophia and Lea for being there for me in those very special moments when we laughed heartily, and sang the praises of the Universe. I miss you both so much, it hurts. Coffee by phone is a very different experience than drinking our cups of hot caffeine face-to-face. I miss your faces, your eyes, your glances at ghosts in the distance.


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