Thank you for the Four Fates

Forget all that mythological lore about the three Fates (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos) who guided the thread of one’s life tapestry and possessed the power to unravel it or cut it short.


The real Fates that guide one’s life—there are actually four…

Wana, Neeta, Haftu, and Sposedtu.


These Fates can function independently or as a team of two, or all together at one time if your life is chaotic enough.


In my life, Neeta dominated my childhood and Sposedtu came along when I hit puberty and became a social being.

Haftu poked her nose into my life when I became part of the labor pool with the other adults who participated in our economy.

Wana was almost invisible to me, but occasionally gave me reprieve from the other three when I had a little free time. 


I prefer Wana to the other Fates. She is tolerant of my longings and can grant my wishes to spend my life doing all that I desire. But if I spend too much time in her presence, I tend to become self-centered, over indulgent, and lackadaisical. So I must call on another Fate to intervene sometimes.


Neeta usually works together with Haftu to make sure my life runs smoothly. Haftu forces me to pay my bills on time and go grocery shopping while Neeta whispers in my ear when I must sleep, find shelter, eat, or protect myself from the elements of living.


Sposedtu is a thorny, loquacious Fate who gets in the way a lot. She is so judgmental and bossy. I try to avoid her. Sposedtu is the one that constantly reminds me of how to behave. She carries a satchel of arrows and shoots them at me. Her arrows are called Guilts and Shames. Fortunately, she is a terrible shot and usually misses me.


In creating my own mythology, I Haftu do what I Neeta to understand that I am Sposedtu do what I Wana. 




~ by leakelley on December 7, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for the Four Fates”

  1. Notably inventive, & a good example of your style – i.e., tightly organized thinking made of flares loaded with illuminating flair.

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