Thank you for Gabriel

When I think of the name Gabriel I am reminded of stories about the angel, Gabriel, who served as a messenger from God to various people.

In my child bearing years, I said, “If I ever had a son, I would name him Gabriel.”

That was decades ago and I never did birth a son, but last year I met one.

We are the children of one another, and we are a parent to one another (we are all apparent to one another, if we look).

I met Gabriel (an exchange student) in a classroom and we have been friends in learning for over a year. He is a young person who is extraordinary at seeing life through the lens of a seeker and sharing what he sees.

We email back and forth, as he has moved back to Brazil since we met, to share our thoughts and viewpoints about Humanity, spirituality, and random revelations on evolving consciousness here on Earth.

While I am old enough to be Gabriel’s mother, or even grandmother, he frequently teaches me about living authentically and exploring the world with the enthusiasm and the sincerity of youth.

Gabriel reminds me that being alive is an endeavor of magic and inquiry about our own nature. He is a messenger with an exceptional ability to reflect his thoughts through a mirror of contemplation and compassion.

I am always delighted to see young people who demonstrate depth and true thoughtfulness in the world. It inspires me, and encourages me to be hopeful about the future of humans, and grateful for the ones who contribute to their evolution.

Thank you for Gabriel, a true messenger and child of the Universe.


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~ by leakelley on September 18, 2016.

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