Thank You for Things We’re Allowed to Take Without Asking

(and not be stealing)

a breath


a hint

a shower

a minute

a break

a memo

a photo of a landscape

a vow


a compliment

a powder

a stand or action against injustices

the cake

pity on the soul of…

it easy

another little piece of my heart, now baby


a bite (if it’s your plate)

a look around

command of a situation

our time

a risk

a walk

it or leave it

the hand of a loved one

the trash out

a nap

a closer look at ourselves


a bow

pride in an accomplishment

home a doggy bag

charge of our own lives

There now, take that!


~ by leakelley on August 5, 2016.

9 Responses to “Thank You for Things We’re Allowed to Take Without Asking”

  1. I like the pens in cups at the front of the bank teller too.

  2. interesting blog
    i have been trying to make it a habit to thank. this is inspiring.

  3. This could be habit forming. I had to “take five” or I would be thinking of things to take all day.

  4. ……Take…nothing for granted!
    Love your posts!

  5. one of my very favorite things to do is take the long way home.

  6. Wow! EXCELLENT list!!! I love them! I, too, am grateful for these things!!
    You’re a clever lady!

  7. One of my favorites? A trip into another mind, time, place via a good book.

  8. what is given

  9. At my age, a nap. And my wife, Linda, that’s right we are married, to the San Francisco Ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet for Mother’s Day. I did not ask her, I just did it.

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