Thank you for the Mother of my Invention

Over the years, I have observed the relationships between my friends and their mothers (and one very lovely stepmother in the case of Karma, who was fortunate enough to have two good mothers).

I have listened to my friends discuss histories, memories, struggles, lessons, and situations with their mothers that fascinated me, concerned me, and sometimes made me glad I was born to mine.

At other times, I wished I could experience the kind of bond they had, which I can only view from the outside of those relationships.

Watching these women and their mothers has taught me a lot about the nature of Woman.

We start out as little girls with so many needs, and evolve into nurturers from nurturers.

In time, we seem to inevitably become the mother to our mothers.

My own limited experience in the traditional mother/child relationship affords me the opportunity to romanticize, conjecture, and watch with curiosity and amazement, the unfolding mystery of my women friends as they have grown into themselves and became mother to their own mothers.

My mother, through no fault of her own, inspired me to learn this lesson of the “mother role switch” early in life and has gifted me with the life that makes me who I am.

I am thankful for the mother of my invention and the mother in all of us.

Mother Goddess with Child, Uttar Pradesh, Gupta period, 575-625


~ by leakelley on May 8, 2016.

3 Responses to “Thank you for the Mother of my Invention”

  1. Thank you, Lea, for this post. It’s a bittersweet Mother’s Day for me this year, with the death of my mother last September. I like the way you succinctly expressed the mother-daughter-mother relationships. And I really like the Mother Goddess with Child sculpture.

    • Robin, I also lost my Mom last September and agree with you ~~ our LK always seems to put the right words together that make so many people feel better. Thank you LK!

  2. a whole book in a blog

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