Thank You For Breakfast for Dinner

My favorite dinner is breakfast food so I eat breakfast on Australia time.

Who decided what time is a good time to eat a specific food?

I don’t understand the rules about time sensitive food consumption and food combination taboos.

Why are we not allowed to eat meatball sandwiches at 8 am?

Why is it that no one else thinks salad goes well with pancakes?

Why do we refrain from putting fresh peas on top of our ice cream?

Who said cheese and apples with wheat crackers is not a meal?

Why must we adhere to rigid food rules and who made them?

Okay, yeah, the USDA and the American Medical Association spent a lot of time and money to get us away from eating bison for three months of the year or living on nuts and berries in the fall, but I think that whole “Balanced Meal” thing has gone too far.

Dairy corporations, the US Beef and Cattle Industry, and the National Corn Growers association like to keep balanced marketing practices and they got friends in high places who define a balanced meal.

I bet when they all get together for dinner, they just have martinis and olives— or maybe they have vegetarian and vegan food with tofuti for dessert. I can’t know.

I do know there are some things we should not combine for gastrointestinal reasons and some things we should not eat often for obesity avoidance reasons and some things we should not eat at all for fear of death but hey, other than that,  I think it’s okay to eat dessert first.

I also think it would be a whole different culture if the fifties television shows depicted Ward Cleaver’s wife scrambling eggs when he got home from work.


~ by leakelley on May 2, 2016.

3 Responses to “Thank You For Breakfast for Dinner”

  1. cheese and apples w/ wheat crackers sound real good. anyways, breakfast for dinner is always good. I love it, especially when it’s late and I just get off work and go to the 24hr diner and get myself a plate of hot warm pancakes, bacon, and coffee. gotta love it!

  2. I totally agree with you! I end up eating breakfast for a ton of different meals, just because the foods are generally pretty wholesome and also really easy to make. I’m all for rebelling against proper meal conventions!

  3. While I am a vegetarian and frequently have Tofutti ice cream for a main course, I also work night shifts and find myself frequently embittered that the pizza joints are not open at 8 am.

    And breakfast – eggs, pancakes, etc – just kinda rocks any old time at all.

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