Thank You for Avoiding Omniscient and Powerless Succubi


There are those who know everything and use the rest of us like a verbal trash can without a clue about recycling or reciprocal interactions.

They are the ones among us who seem to think that other people are just props and extras in the movie about THEM.

On that line between givers and takers, they stand with an open satchel to be filled with accolades while they hold the gun of erudite sagaciousness to our heads.

I call these folks Succubi (pronounced suck-you-bye)

In mythology, a succubus is a demon that pretends to be a charming person so they can seduce the bejeezus out of an unwary virtuous person.

Modern day Succubi come in many forms, all of them designed to fill bottomless satchels under the guise of handing out gifts of wisdom and favors to those in need of profound salvation from self and unnamed ignorance.

Now there…

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~ by leakelley on May 1, 2016.

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