Thank You for Do Overs

The end draws near.

Tonight… all the mistakes you made, all those things you wish you would not have said, all the opportunities you screwed up, all the junk food you devoured, all the toys you broke, all the changes you forgot to make, and all the ugly clothes you wore in public because everything else was in the laundry, will disappear at midnight.

At precisely 12:01, in whatever time zone you live, a stranger will kiss you on the forehead and yell “Do Overs!” and run away.

You will awake in the morning, smelling of champagne, with confetti stuck to your neck, mumbling “Who slobbered on my eyebrow?”

As you shuffle your way toward the coffee pot, it will hit you like a party horn blast and angels will sing (a little too loud) and you will realize you are the recipient of a shiny new gift that no one can take away—another year of your life!

Congratulations, you get 365 more days to try it again!

Happy New Year!

~ by leakelley on December 31, 2015.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Do Overs”

  1. New Year’s seem so arbitrary but you’ve put a good spin on it to make me think it’s (almost) worthwhile. Guess I’ll stay up late after all — thanks for the encouragement, and have a happy new year

  2. Love it! I get a “Do Over” and it’s gonna be a doozy of a new year!

  3. I guess I’ve already started my Do Over since I’m still awake at 2:05 am on January 1, 2009. December 31 didn’t quite allow me to let go of 2008, though we had a great night with the family and Jeanne and Bill. We even brought out our old tradition of banging wooden spoons on pots and pans on the front porch at midnight. Everyone is asleep now except Sylvester and me. He’s not doing well, and I’m afraid he might be very sick. Jeanne gave me the name of a good veterinarian tonight, so I’ll take him for a check up on Friday. I can hear Dave snoring and am quite envious of his ability to hit the pillow and be asleep within seconds. The house was beautiful tonight, candles lit everywhere, good food on the dining room table, and your paintings adorning most of our walls.

    Here’s to us, LeaKel. What will our 2009 Do Overs look like?


  4. Do Overs are wonderful things.

    Happy New Year, Lea Kelley. 🙂

  5. Hallelujah!

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