Thank you for “The Path”

There is a line in the center of your hand that runs from your wrist toward your fingers—it’s called the Path of Destiny (if you adhere to the palmistry sort of thing or happen to know Chiero.)

In my twenties, I frequently pondered my “Path of Destiny”.

I studied all manner of mystic divination, scientific explanations, philosophical perspectives, and folk lore to help me plan a well informed journey down this path.

In my thirties, the path began to narrow. I found myself walking down the center of the path, focused on the end of the road like it was the ultimate goal.

Presently, the path is covered with dried leaves that have fallen from the tree of opportunity and I am shuffling through in a zigzag pattern, making a lot of rustling noises while I look for fertile soil under the mulch.

Some folks choose their path, some inherit it from their parents or their culture, some just  come upon their path via a wrong turn or a right turn.

The great poet, Robert Frost, hung out on some farmer’s path. He is probably still sitting there, watching the woods fill up with snow while his horse gets confused. That’s what happens when you take the road less traveled, you end up in the woods on a snowy evening.

For some of us (the lucky ones) there are a lot of metaphoric paths to choose from in this life.

Some of them are not so much a choice as an inevitability due to our innate temperaments and fated birth environments but none the less, we like to explore them anyway.

GARDEN PATH: For the idealistic sort of person

NEURON PATH: For one who is easily over stimulated

BEATEN PATH: For those who fall from the grace of the garden path

SOCIO PATH:   For wannabe social beings that don’t play well with others

BIKE PATH:     For peddlers of work out videos

MISSILE PATH: For those who are direct and frequently miss the point

PATH OLOGY: For students and obsessive observers of their own path

NATURO PATH: These folks generally end up in Oregon growing cannabis and crazy mushrooms

PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE: Martial artists and couch potatoes prefer this one


~ by leakelley on December 17, 2014.

3 Responses to “Thank you for “The Path””

  1. we are all on a journey. our paths personal, yet homogenous … God still oversees us all.

  2. We tell ourselves to choose a path, right? If I could choose one right now, I would choose the Garden Path. I would love to be idealistic again. Ain’t gonna happen.

    I’m dangling perilously from the side of a fissure, post-earthquake, the fingertips of my right hand clutching a small, fragile ledge of splintery rock, right foot jammed into a craggy spot of crumbling dirt, the rest of me hanging over the wide open space of an unknown destination, an invisible path. Somehow, I’m not scared. Shouldn’t I be?

    What’s the name of this invisible path? If I could give it a name, maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much. Help me find its name, LeaKel. No pressure, eh?

  3. The Invisible Path:

    What we fall upon when we turn a very sharp corner in our lives.
    For a brief moment in time, which feels like an eternity, we are on our own until the rest of the world catches up to us or we find a new place after passing the bend of the invisible path.

    On the invisible path we are much like a rabbit which hides from a predator by covering it’s face when it feels vulnerable.

    We feel unseen and unknown because we can not bear to look at our own eyes in the faces of others at these times. We feel that the very ground we stand on is unstable and sometimes we even fall because the turn is so sharp.

    No, you “should” not be scared. It is all right if you are or if you are not. The invisible path has no rules except to survive until you come back into sight.

    This precarious bend in the invisible path does straighten out, my friend.
    The invisible path is not a life long journey, it is just a treacherous shortcut on the path to being excruciatingly human.
    Know that I am at the side of your path as I walk my own.
    I see you, I love you, and if I could walk just a few steps for you I would.

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