Thank you for Freedumb

 The credit for this made up word goes to Mr. E. Riley who was a most clever wordsmith and delightfully creative poet for his life of almost twenty one years.

I have been pondering the word freedom for almost four days, seeking the common usage, the appropriate referent, the true definition by finding it’s antitheses, and trying to use it in a sentence that captures the essence of it’s meaning.   The imagery that the word freedom conjures for me does not come in red, white, and blue. Freedom does not look like the wings of a bird that is compelled by nature to fly. Nor does it seem to be a choice in the fork of the proverbial road.  Freedom is not a liberation from a prison, an exile, foot binding, hand cuffs, poverty, oppression, or a dictator.

 One does not become free by merely being liberated.

There are those that would say Knowledge is freedom. There are those that say Democracy is freedom. Some find “freedom” in the “right” to worship invisible entities or promulgate religious concepts. I don’t think freedom is always right, nor is it a right.

I do believe it may be an innate power that is difficult to comprehend without attempting to guide or direct it. And once that attempt is applied, freedom dissipates. I believe a freedom can be usurped by another freedom when it is limited or misinterpreted.

I think maybe freedom is the cry that babies make fresh out of the womb. I think maybe freedom is the soft, dark cloak of death opening to release us to the unknown, or a complete lack of fear when facing one’s self in others. Maybe freedom is unknowable until it is gone and peered at in retrospect.

For all the uses of the word freedom, for all the misuses of the word freedom, and all the justifications applied to the word freedom in our culture, I thank Mr. E. Riley in his attempt to define our limited perspective on the subject.



~ by leakelley on November 20, 2014.

2 Responses to “Thank you for Freedumb”

  1. I think freedom is many, if not all of the things, you mention, but above all it is about fearlessness…and also having a multitude of viable CHOICES. Yeah, real choices, that’s what I’m generally speaking of when I speak of freedom.


  2. Freedom – so many things to so many people. Freedumb – what we often get when we ask for a definition. Our job is to keep living it, whether we can define it or not; and to broaden our perspective of it, when our limitations box us in. Freedom shouldn’t come at the cost of being buried in the ground, and always, ultimately, does.

    Thanks for remembering Owen’s made-up words, LeaKel. He had such fun with them. Don’t we all?

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