Thank you for noticing…


History DOES repeat itself. And it gets LOUDER each time.

Complacency is a common place and harm can find it’s way to that place while we think we are only watching it on television.

If we keep believing we are separated by borders, colors, races, religions, and economics, we will be conquered one at a time until the last “isolated incident” occurs and the last shred of denial is sown into the fabric of our history to be repeated over and over again in some other common place…


I know, I know, you have to go to work. You have bills to pay. You have obligations to meet. You are very busy participating in being a working class hero.

Besides, “IT” can’t happen to you. You are protected by laws that never change, rights that cannot be diminished, leaders you can trust, and of course, a God who is absolutely the only thing on this planet that is responsible for it all. Turn on the T.V. and have a drink.

Everything will be alright.

Gotta go. I’m late for church.



~ by leakelley on April 26, 2014.

5 Responses to “Thank you for noticing…”

  1. I’m glad to see there’s another person on this planet with a clue.

  2. Trev, Thank you for not being comfortably numb or fearfully dumb.

  3. Did Mr. Cognac choose to be this way? Did you? Did THEY?

    Once upon a time we listened for hours to Mr. Cognac, a man with a mission he gets stoned over, & over & over. “My purpose is asstroll,” he said, & it was true in every way including the way I just spelled it (Try to smell the cannabread bridge under which we & the other dwarfs stupor one another through our days & nights).

    Cognac’s mission is entirely starry, really. There are heavens to be navigated by blowing weed, & in them there are Bad Giants with too much money. That’s more than less of what he said.

    One might think that makes little sense, but it makes sense alright, & Mr. Cognac’s real life – the one in which he was & is deprived of himself & led to sublimate his helplessness & deny his rage – is the quartet of arrows on the heavenly sign over this world which reads:


    Do you think THEY are not you, & are not diminishing you?

    If you believe THEY are not you & did not already get to you (even though you are only one of THEM), then you are an ignoramus, dead krieged by the blitz.


    LESSON: Function follows from those forms which can be shaped from a given material. Some materials allow for for more forms than do others, & therefore more functions may be realized by their use. From what material did we make these forms that have these hellish functions? Is there really no other material?

  4. robini,
    What the hell are you talking about? Did you learn this language abuse in some new age church? Do you live on the astral plane? Hey, from what material is made the shoes of astral travelers and do they function well with wear?

  5. I have all of the World Bank’s progress reports in a single archive which is continuously updated, & my comments are devised by running the reports through a DARPA genius generator which randomly orders words into strings, to which a genuine Chomsky grammar generator inserts verbs & connectors, etc., making the result seem abused.

    I shall ask the Bank what its shoes are made of. Since the Bank has no feet (it is no way grounded), I fear no answer will be forthcoming.

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