Thank You for The Ship of Fools

So much has been written and artistically depicted in regard to the allegory attributed to The Ship of Fools; A boat of crazy people without a pilot, without direction or guidance, oblivious to their own journey.

These days it seems we may all have been aboard this allegorical ship, economically and ecologically pirated without being piloted.

Perhaps there is a new mooring in our future.

Perhaps it is time for the fools to take back the helm from the pirates who have sprung a leak in our boat?

Today is the day of fools. We are all in this boat together. Let’s think about it, yes?

A German Woodcut from Narrenschiff 1549:



~ by leakelley on April 1, 2014.

One Response to “Thank You for The Ship of Fools”

  1. It’s a fun metaphor. I’m sincerely hoping that some decent pilots are now in the navigation area.

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