Thank You for The Blind Needing The Blind

I have a Perkins Braille Machine and an old Royal typewriter.

I used to have them juxtaposed at my art studio for art critics to write down their opinions while sitting amidst the art.

The Typewriter was for the positive critics, the Braille machine was for those who did not like the paintings.

Recently, I decided to reorganize and transform objects that take up space, into money that pays for space I take up, here on Planet Earth.

A friend said he knew a blind man that could use the braille machine.

I immediately said

“If there is a blind person that will use this machine, then he should just have it for free.”

Another friend intervened “Lea, why do you give everything away when you need money—this Brailler is worth seven hundred bucks?”

For a moment, I got confused.

For a moment, I thought about what “giving everything away” means.

For a moment, I thought about what “need” means.

For three moments, I reevaluated and reestablished my personal philosophy toward material things and my attitude toward trusting that life will always provide us with an opportunity to meet our own “needs”.

I have never gone hungry (as an adult).

I have never had a genuine need that could not be met, either through an opportunity to work for it, barter for it, or a blessing from some generous act of kindness by another.

My life has been one of fortunate, although sometimes at the last minute, blessings that have allowed me to do what I do.

Sometimes I do not know how I will survive into the next chapter of my life experiences.

Sometimes I am blind to the unknowable future of my own existence.

Life can be like that.

Even those who believe they have a fool proof consistent lifestyle, an insurance policy that everything will work out, a secure future, a retirement plan, they get caught off guard and sometimes have to adapt to changes they did not see in the vision of their lives.

I can not know how my feast or famine lifestyle of the artist will always turn out.

And although I sometimes have difficulty trusting individuals to do the right thing every time, I have no problem trusting life—and myself to create opportunities to meet my needs.

I am also aware of the synchronistic coincidences and unanticipated turns that can influence one’s life.

My life has been greatly enhanced by creating meaning of those “magical” events.

For all I know, the blind man, that I am giving this Perkins Brailler to, will use it to write a book, a vision of his life, that will be read in the future and change the life of another who will bless the life of another, who I will meet on the street to receive insight that will change my own life…


Maybe I will die and be buried in a pauper’s grave next to Mozart because I did not turn a Braille machine into cash.

But, somehow, I do not see that happening.



~ by leakelley on January 14, 2014.

6 Responses to “Thank You for The Blind Needing The Blind”

  1. You are alive
    to know what path
    the mountains makes
    on your coal.
    from Brukowski to Flauber.
    Orwal to Moore,
    the Paine is to create noblity,
    diamond demands donation

  2. Bravo to you Lea! I KNEW you’d do it! I would have done the same thing!!

  3. Yay, Lea!

    I’d have done the same, but wouldn’t have been able to articulate my reasons nearly as well as you do.

  4. What goes around, comes around. No coincidences. You will reap what you sow. Blessings to you.

  5. i do believe i ALSO suggested that the blind man would probably take your awesome gift and sell it on ebay, because, ya know, it’s a collector’s item…

  6. What an awesome looking machine, I’d never seen one before, thanks for posting a photo of it.

    I’m trying to clear out all the clutter that has collected around here and I keep wanting to give things away while my husband wants to sell them. Thing is, he never has the time to list and sell and things stay cluttered.
    So we had this old washer in the garage and I told him to sell it or I was trashing it. He found a buyer and when the lady came to get it, he didnt have the heart to take her money.

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