Thank You for Wild Abandon and Tame Abandonment

I am not one to let people go from my life merely because they are a nuisance or they have some kind of nervous tic that interrupts a good conversation now and again.

I have discovered much quality in some of the most challenging of folks.

But I do understand that there is only so much time in one’s life and we need to spread it around accordingly.

I enter into friendships with a bit of discretion bordering on trepidation but once I’m in, I love with wild abandon.

Not all friends are life long friends but many of mine have been—I am very lucky.

In my life long friendships there have been ups and downs, miscommunications, and other factors that require sorting, balancing  perspectives, self generated agenda evaluations, and reflecting on the give and take dynamic.

Friendships are like books.

Some are educational, some fictional, and some are real page turners in the unfolding of a life.

I think that it takes at least a year of reading to transform an acquaintance into a friend.

It takes decades to prove the transformation worked.

If you abandon the the process for any reason, you can never be quite sure that the book did not have a surprise twist at the end.

Some folks just don’t have the time to read through the slow chapters or the fortitude to keep reading after the climax.

Others have literary tastes and opinions that prevent them from reading anything that does not fit neatly on their shelves.

Some folks would rather wait for the movie to come out.

And some folks never get beyond the cover of the book.

I am thankful for those who continue to read a book even if it has words that are hard to pronounce.

I am also thankful that those who need to abandon a book can do so without burning it.



~ by leakelley on November 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Wild Abandon and Tame Abandonment”

  1. Well said. Although, I must admit, my lifelong friends are all people that, when met, I knew instantly we were destined to be friends, indeed, had probably been close in past lives.

  2. I usually can tell pretty quickly whether a new acquaintance will just be that–or a good friend for many years. I’ve never had a lifelong friend with all the moving around I’ve done in my lifetime.

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