Thank You for Drawing the Line


Faces that don’t have at least one or two laugh lines are eerie.

There’s no map to follow. There’s no emotional punctuation in the visual conversation.

If you have moved from point A to point B in your life experiences, you must have at least one line on your face to prove it.

If your face is wrinkle free, I won’t assume you have stocks in Oil of Olay or that you are some exceptional genetic celebrity with magical skin properties.

I’ll just assume you’ve never been outdoors, laughed, thought about anything, or did anything since the day you were born—and I’ll walk away from your mannequin mug in a hummingbird heartbeat, in a state of visual interpersonal ennui.

Talking to people that don’t have lines on their face is a set up to get lost in the middle of a sentence, pondering unnatural chemicals, Botox, scalpels, lasers, and tragedies of skin graphic proportions. It’s very distracting.

A smooth face is like a room without any furniture.

There’s no place to get comfortable with a person.

* None of this counts if you are under the age of 30.

But after that, you might want to draw a line so people will take you seriously when you talk about some philosophical concept or try to boss someone around.

Otherwise, ya just don’t have any credibility as a living organism.


It’s  a lot more interesting to listen to a story when one can read between the lines.

~ by leakelley on November 18, 2013.

One Response to “Thank You for Drawing the Line”

  1. And thank you Lily Allen for exposing your diminutive breasts in GQ in the midst of the Silicone Stone Age!

    Nice to see you back, Lea.

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