Thank You for Potent-ial

When I was younger, folks would often say “You have so much potential!”

What does that really mean?

Does it mean Yeah, you could be something, but right now you ain’t squat, or does it mean I see a little light in you, but ya kinda are still in the dark, or maybe it means I don’t have the heart to tell you that you really need to develop into something a little more tangible before I validate your existence with my approval— ?? I still don’t know.

But lately, a couple of my pals have brought up the point that I am not famous yet, that my immense creative accomplishments have not inundated the world at large to be validated with critical monetary acclaim and the glory that is recognition by the general populace.


I gotta get off my butt and become a real artist. You know, like maybe one o’ those guys that gets to eat regular on account of Walmart made a contract with him to sell his paintings in the home improvement aisle.


It’s not as though I have not made money, or sold paintings, or been recognized in a few small circles.

It’s not like I have been hiding my paintings in the closet like Dorian Gray to age while I remained young and unscathed by the ravages of mortality.

I have Art all over the place— from here to Europe to New Orleans to San Francisco to…well… my closet!

It’s just that I am not so motivated to put my lips to the butt of marketeers, Popes, and administrative assistants who get eight bucks an hour to tell me “I’m sorry, we are not accepting unsolicited material at this time.”

It’s just that…

I am sensitive, ya know?

I am not savvy on the self promotion wheel of fortune.

I still need to put a little potent into my potential.

I will work on this so my friends will stop being scared when they open my fridge and find mustard, wilted lettuce, and a half eaten blueberry.

Presently, I am examining my potential differently…

electric potential


~ by leakelley on October 9, 2013.

4 Responses to “Thank You for Potent-ial”

  1. It could be worse. At least people think you have potential. I know lots of people who, honestly, should probably just give up. Everything. Because, y’know, they just aren’t cut out to make anything of themselves.

    Except for heroine addicts. Which, hey, maybe our society needs.

  2. Oh Lea. You know damn well that there is always cheese and half and half in that fridge. ;~)

    Some people define success as being “famous.”

    Those people are silly.


  3. Do artists have to be validated by others? Or by money? During the past decade I have recorded 8 CDs of my music and none of them earned a single dime. But I still feel accomplished somehow. I lived my dreams and that’s all that matters, I think.

  4. You’ll always be famous to me. Your art lives no matter where it is. Money is elusive, as we know so well. Paint on…L.

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