Thank you for “Kingdom come”

Where the hell is Kingdom come?

“I looked all over Kingdom come for that shoe!”
“I will knock you to Kingdom come!”
“We drove all over Kingdom come.”

Is it in New Jersey?
Is it a suburb of Timbuktu, in Africa?
Has anyone ever been there?
If you have ever been knocked all the way to Kingdom come and found a bus back, please reply and tell me about the architecture.

It seems to be a place where people look for their lost stuff. It must have great street lamps.
But evidently, one can get themselves lost there while looking for their lost stuff, instigating a very long drive.

It definitely does not seem like a place I would like to go on my summer vacation.
I prefer quiet beaches.
Kingdom come sounds like a traffic nightmare full of people landing in the streets after being knocked there from all over the world and random lost objects littering the place.

But I am thankful that Kingdom come exists. Now I know where to look when I can’t find my car in the parking lot where I thought I left it.


~ by leakelley on September 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “Thank you for “Kingdom come””

  1. Kingdom Come would be great if it weren’t for Jimmy Hoffa’s pool parties.

    Great Blog! You have an amazing talent.

  2. Thank you. Speaking as a resident of Kingdom Come, I and my fellow residents wish to express our gratitude for raising our property values. Since you posted your wonderful advertisement for our country, several undesirables have moved out and new buyers are already negotiating through their brokers.

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