Thank You for Little Miss Understanding

Miss Understanding visits me occasionally. She can wreak havoc on my day and give me a stomach ache. Miss Understanding is a real trouble maker.

She doesn’t have keys to my house but she sneaks in the window when I am tired, stressed out, or distracted by things that keep me from communicating clearly or fully listening to others.

Miss Understanding is very presumptuous and jumps at any opportunity to bring her whole Posse into my environment for a destructive pajama party. Her pals are Miss Interpretation, Miss Quote, and Miss Guided.

These four can trash my emotional house like a punk rock mosh pit.

The only way to get them to leave is to slow down and look closely into their eyes. This can be difficult because they just won’t hold still very long and they generally refrain from eye contact. They do their best work over the phone where a person can’t see their faces for clues about what’s happening in a conversation.

They like living in the dark and cringe when you shed a bit of light on them by clarifying something someone actually meant when they encountered Miss Spoke (Miss Spoke is not part of the Posse but she likes to drop by sometimes when she’s feeling mischievous. She can actually be pretty funny if you don’t take her too seriously.)

Little Miss Understanding can be a nuisance and she always visits at the most inopportune times. But I am on to her. I’m gonna clean up my house and shut the damn window until I get a few friends together to help me keep that posse from messin’ with my conversations.

My new friends are Patience, Inquiry, and Clarity.

I hope they’re feelin’ strong enough to clear a mosh pit.

I’m thankful that Miss Understanding is not too big for my new friends to pick up and carry out of the house.


~ by leakelley on August 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Little Miss Understanding”

  1. I used to work with a drag queen named Miss Understood in Seattle….any relation?

  2. I loved this. My biggest trouble is with little Miss Anthropic, who visits me on a daily basis.

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