Thank You for People as Tug Boats and Destroyers

Tug Boats are like folks who are community minded ice breakers and they’re built to handle a lot of interaction for their size.

They frequently maneuver waters that big, flashy boats can’t handle.

And they can really push a big pain in the butt around without causing much of a scene or being too obvious.

Tug Boats are strong and fairly low maintenance when it comes to maneuvering through the vast, unpredictable sea of Life.

But they are a little bit codependent.

They need a big boat to make them feel important.

Destroyers are folks with self guided missiles that can be aimed at others. They live to cause trouble.

They have to be very big to compensate for their tiny missiles.

Their agendas are obvious but they can’t really do too much damage if a tug boat doesn’t help them away from the harbor to aim those self guided missiles.

Most of them are pretty narcissistic and they don’t really notice the limitations of being a giant bully who can’t get out of a harbor on it’s own.

A Destroyer should never piss off a Tug Boat.

A Destroyer who aims missiles at a Tug Boat is lookin’ to be Beach Slapped.

Back to the Beach with you


~ by leakelley on June 10, 2013.

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