Thank you for Trust

Among the many things I have learned from my conversations with friends,

there are two statements that play predominant roles.

“Humans are the species that generate sentences.”


“We are beings that trust. That is how we form societies.”

These two statements are very complex but for my purposes I will simplify.

Sometimes the human that generates a sentence is not always worthy of the trust that others may innately invest in that sentence.



Cult leaders

Teen age boys on Prom night

A person that owes money

Those with concealed agendas

And sometimes a person with the best intentions who inadvertently blurts out a random sentence that their brain generated, but who has no intention or ability to honor that statement as a promise.

We are all capable of Lying.

Still, when we encounter a lie, we feel a betrayal at the core of our innate trust as though we were wounded by  a poisonous spear.

Even after many wounds, we somehow are compelled to trust again.

It is our nature.

It is also the factor that gives con men, exploiters, and those unfortunate humans without conscience an edge.

Sometimes we say to ourselves “I will never trust anyone again”.

That’s a lie too.

We can’t help it.

It’s what we do.

We will trust again, albeit with our eyes opened a little wider.

I am thankful for trust.

I trust others to do the right thing.

I trust myself to do the right thing.

Otherwise, we could not move forward or accomplish anything.

You can’t even move a couch unless you trust the person at the other end to hold on to their side while going down the stairs.

I can not live like a couch could fall on me at any moment.


~ by leakelley on January 18, 2013.

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