Thank You for Not Being that TOWT Person on My Vacation

This is me, trying not to start sentences with the word, I.

It seems that when I start out with the word, I, I inevitably get stuck in some belief that I have about me.

Lately she (me) has discovered that she does not have to adhere to the mythology she has created around what she does in any given circumstance or how she is in some situations.

Okay, wait, this is makin’ me dizzy.

There has to be a better way to refer to one’s self other than using the word I or the Queen’s we or she.

All right, for the sake of getting this point across, I’m gonna start calling me, in the first person… um… The One Who Talks.

Well, TOWT  has been pretty stuck in her ways over the years.

She says things like I’m this kind of person or I do this when that happens, or I don’t really like… yada yada yada.

Yeah, TOWT is always touting something about what she thinks is true about me.

Well this is me saying those things don’t have to be true anymore.

I am allowed to change my mind, my ways, my responses to my environment, and become a different kinda gal if I want to.

So, here goes…

I will now live my life as though I am on vacation in a foreign country, without all my familiar rituals and the accouterment that keeps me stuck in the beliefs TOWT has about me.

Have you ever noticed how much more versatile we become when we’re traveling in a foreign land?

We seem to be more receptive to different ideas and more flexible and open minded about the way we respond to our new environment.

We grow, we adapt, we take in new information, and we change according to the new things we experience.

So I‘m gonna leave TOWT at home while I go out and explore new ground in the undiscovered foreign lands of my own perspective.

I don’t know who I will become on this adventure, but maybe she will do some of those things that TOWT thinks I am afraid of or maybe she will learn things that TOWT thinks she already knows, or maybe she will find a way to like zucchini after all these years…

Hey this is the cheapest vacation I have ever been on!


~ by leakelley on August 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Not Being that TOWT Person on My Vacation”

  1. It was hours ago i read your blog, a time of feeling the meaning and transference into system and interaction. Everyday growth, a concept of we who need to understand change. Our preferances seem to have little concern such that to understand nature is all we are offered from life.
    What use is Facial Profiling? offered by coke, who i think are connected with the Cia? or some powerful group looking to upset the usa, for control of our economy.
    To understand where we go to find change a part of our lives. We live for understanding,
    change is our adpative natures.. for true nature just is..
    we learn our paths, through acceptance of the joy as reward.

    There was a wind created yesterday, So I understand,
    It is a day of Mystic attentions when the whole world , or 35% percent of the world?, feels it.
    There are personal evolutions that create rituals, i heard the wind, and gave in , to a ritual. though I think the elimination of gifts, had a special arrangement. I heard statement,,
    “well my present today will be my Presence” I thought of you lea,, when i heard it.. lol.
    but i let that wind take me away from one to attend another , and i understand what society and love are. this movement of being. this joining of heart. thought is that of my day yesterday i don’t know ,, I protect my isolation cause of the joy i feeling my work , when it works, I am a workaholic artist, you take on multi media, and see how well you do.. lol.. but really the sharing of time is my most innocents of gifts.
    Christmas has been many times with many loves, all at that point of time we are most sensitive.
    I have had three breakdowns, one on Christmas, And i have spent maybe five alone. All other times i was invited into peoples homes where they found gives,, that just happend to be wrapped just for me.

    rituals for me have come with the age that has invented my sight of them, Daily is first, personal days are second, hallmark Days, hurt the most, when you can’t afford them.
    But know
    you give of the soul
    what mix with toll
    aura’s intwine
    as rites are defined,
    with yet only what heart
    we give to the dancing.

    if mystic is a rememberance of all
    it is light , when there is no one
    else to call.
    if you got peoples
    you got steeples..
    built in a church devine..
    hey pass me the guitar i got a song about that.
    ” a reed
    that survives;
    bends “

  2. Yes, I *have* noticed this… even if the foreign land has been another state or city out of my normal circle. Thank you for the things you bring to light in your ponderings! XO

  3. I’ve (yeah, “I”) always thought how different and open my spirit becomes when anywhere new. Doesn’t have to be a foreign land, just foreign to me. Perhaps that is why to be call “well traveled” tells a new acquaintance so much about you. It’s not where you’ve been, but who you have been when you were there. Let’s try to bring some of her home this year. Not a bad New Year’s resolution if you make those kind of things.

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