Thank you for Critical People vs. Critical Thinking, Averting a Critical Situation

Being a critical person does not take critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking is an intellectual process, used to decipher meaning and glean truth from observations and communications.

Critical people tend to obliterate truth and fracture meaning by imposing limited personal power into a situation designed to make them seem important.

The only weapon a critical person has is the illusion that they are smarter when they throw around verbal bulllets to blast holes in others.

Most of their bullets are blanks, but when they are aimed, they sure can bring out the worst in others, and make negativity bleed into the environment.

The only ammunition available for a critical thinker to dodge these bullets, is to question the clarity, credibility, accuracy, relevance, and significance of the critical person.

Critical people are generally compensating for something.

Probably a lack of critical thinking skills.

Critical thinkers can usually circumvent the bullets of critical people without too much trauma, but I wonder if any of these critical thinkers ever got their feelings hurt by critical people…

Plato-1 Rousseau Albert-Einstein-4 Aristotle-2 Confucius


~ by leakelley on July 1, 2012.

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