Thank You for Feeling Loved

It doesn’t matter how much we are loved or who loves us, if we don’t feel loved.

We don’t always feel lovable.

We may have our moments of low self esteem and lack of confidence in our worthiness.

These moments may pass, or they may culminate into a full blown attitude about ourselves and our place in the world.

This attitude, if it becomes permanent, is more dangerous to our emotional well being than any other.

It can make us behave in strange ways, and it can become a self fulfilling prophesy of sorts.

A person who does not believe they are lovable may unconsciously try to convince others that it is true.

Feeling unlovable can prevent us from loving others as well.

It takes a lot of energy away from us and can dominate our focal point.

There are so many factors involved in this feeling; things we experienced as a child, rejection toward an endeavor, lack of needed validation for our efforts, and comparing ourselves to others who have completely different circumstances than us.

Most of these things do not represent who we really are, they are just random circumstances that we respond to accordingly.

The difference between being loved and feeling loved lies in our ability to grasp a complete picture and separate circumstance from self.

This can be difficult.

I find that I feel most loved when I am directing my energy into loving others.

There is no way to hug another without opening one’s arms to receive a hug in return.

~ by leakelley on April 21, 2012.

One Response to “Thank You for Feeling Loved”

  1. Wonderful, and so right on.

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