Thank You for Love and Memorex

Is it Love, or is it Memorex?

I think if a person takes the time to get through all the different stages of love without abandoning the endeavor, that amazing things can happen.

I also believe that once you have loved a person, you can never unlove them.

The initial experience of love may transform into other types and stages of love, but you can never take it back, or put it back into the original packaging the way you discovered it.

It’s astounding, the way time and love work so well together to metamorph into something one could not have imagined— if you let them.

My favorite kind of love—aside from the love of humanity— is that kind that has lasted over decades, gone through transformations, seen everyone at their worst and continued along the bumpy road to the comfort of balance and loyalty, many years later.

It’s hard to come by, because it takes years to develop.

In this culture of immediate gratification and fantasy romance perspectives, we often give up when things don’t flow as smoothly as they do in the movies.

We are quick to move on, looking for other fish in the sea, or we try to capture the spark in some other match, instead of nurturing the initial flame of the one in our own hand.

I think this may have something to do with the way we address conflict in our lives.

We seem to think conflict is a bad thing, something to be avoided, or to flee from.

Love is loaded with conflict.

But these conflicts are magical opportunities that teach us so much about ourselves through the eyes of another.

Love is not limited to romantic partnering, child parent relationships, or siblings.

Love is also something that blesses friendships and other kinds of human interaction.

If we take all the stages of love and apply it to every kind of human relationship, I think we could experience many of our interactions with a little more understanding and perhaps a different perspective about what we are cultivating with our fellow human beings.

I think we could apply these stages to friendships, work relationships, casual community encounters, and all manner of communications, even a single conversation.

(1) mutual attraction, commonalities,

(2) romance, idealism, or effort toward the highest part of ourselves

(3) passion, intense agreement, personal connection

(4) intimacy, trust, acceptance, and acknowledgment of flaws, balanced by keeping the highest qualities in mind

(5) commitment, loyalty, and the intention to cultivate understanding without withdrawing during the conflicts or giving up when the two sides of an interaction do not look identical.

Yeah, I think maybe if I live my whole life like it’s one long love relationship, that maybe in the end I may discover that it was the real thing, not just Memorex.


~ by leakelley on March 30, 2012.

One Response to “Thank You for Love and Memorex”

  1. wow, now sit a minute, my closes thought of the day is:

    love is right and left brain, but right remembers more.. some people are just right brain, and they love everyone, but sometimes forget for the left brain loves self. Balance in all things, they say,
    there is also a celebration of the instant, created like the rumor of god schulpturing.

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