Thank You for Balancing the Left Hand and the Right Hand

The left hand receives as the right hand gives.

There is a mysterious flow of give and take that passes through us and seeks balance. 

If you balance that give and take, you will not be lacking gifts or the capacity to give to others. -Iscedit (pronounced: I said it )

It’s difficult to receive a gift when both your hands are full and clenched.

Sometimes we hold on so tightly to things we don’t even use that our hands are not available to receive the things we truly desire or need.

How many of us stash things in attics, garages, basements, and other places we rarely visit? How many people do you know who rent storage units for their superflua and don’t even remember what they put in the thing?

I believe that holding on to a lot of clutter, broken things which we intended to fix last year, clothing that will never fit again, or other various stuff we never use, prevents us from getting what we need.

Some folks even hold on to relationships and situations as well as things that do not serve to create joy in their environments. This takes up precious space that could be used more efficiently for what we need in our lives.

Most of my life, I have received what I needed (albeit sometimes in the nick of time) and I try to facilitate that flow by giving away and letting go of the things I don’t need to make room and keep my hands available.

One of my rules is:

If I haven’t used it, touched it, or seen it for four seasons (one year) it does not belong to me anymore.

This rule is especially good with clothing.

There are women’s shelters, consignment shops, and friends that will gladly help you recycle and make room for clothes that fit to come into your life.

I think recycling is about more than soda cans and plastic bags.

It’s also a good practice for anything in our lives that can be transformed into something we need while fulfilling the need of another.

I like to recycle smiles.

It’s amazing how far one smile will go if you keep recycling it and others do the same.

If you keep giving it away, another one will keep coming into your life when you need it.

So… if you have a need in your life, give something away to make room for it!


~ by leakelley on February 18, 2012.

4 Responses to “Thank You for Balancing the Left Hand and the Right Hand”

  1. I love your last line: if you have a need in your life, give something away to make room for it. What sage advice.

  2. Being someone who cannot breathe around clutter – recycling is huge in my house! I am also tremendously lucky to have a Goodwill drop off donation center literally 1/2 mile from my house. Took a box of goodies to them today actually. I live by the one year rule religiously. As far as the smiles, I made sure to give out plenty to the retail employees who I encountered today – I know this is the worst day of the year for them! In return, one employee went out of her way to do something for me she didn’t need to do. And I was thankful – and smiled some more 😉

  3. Matthew 6 : 3
    When you give to the poor, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

  4. Even Evil Drea approves.

    Nature abhors a vacuum. I truly agree that you need to create space in your life in order to receive what YOU need…and in the process, you can usually pay it forward. People fear too much. When it comes to the material – there is always more out there, if you find you need it later. When it comes to the non-material (smiles, etc.), the pool is infinite.

    I like how you think.

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