Thank You for Complaining

Have you ever noticed that the things we complain about are often things we will never do anything about or they are things we will continue doing even as we are complaining about them?

I never complain about a major crisis.

A major crisis does not afford me spare minutes for the act of complaining.

However, I do complain about having to do the laundry. There’s plenty of time during the rinse cycle to whine… “I hate laundry.”

If I’m complaining about something, it usually means there’s no big trauma going on.

Sometimes I just complain aloud to no one in particular while I am getting something done. I mumble “Where did I put that screw driver? Why do they make these things so complicated to put together? Who invented this damn packaging anyway?”

My cat remains silent while I practice the fine art of complaining.

Complaining does not prohibit me from finishing something. Complaining does not stop me from doing the very thing I’m complaining about. If I say “I don’t want to go …” it usually means I am on my way there.

I have not seen a Complaint Department at a major department store in a long time. I think they did away with them in the sixties. If nobody listens to a complaint, it doesn’t take as much time.

If a complaint fell in the woods, would anybody hear it?

Complaining and whining is probably some kind of adrenaline enhancer that gives us the energy to complete a mundane task that would otherwise be far too boring to get through.

Yeah, complaining adds spice to life. It’s right up there with whistling while you work.

Complaining is a sure sign that we are doing okay and we do not need our concentration skills for a real problem.

My mother used to say “Quit whining or I’ll give you something to whine about.”


~ by leakelley on January 28, 2012.

One Response to “Thank You for Complaining”

  1. How very observant you are. I had never thought about this, but could say the same thing. So as long as we are complaining we are doing okay. I like that. I’m doing real okay. 🙂

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