Thank You for Waving in the Middle of Nowhere

Have you ever been on a desolate country road, far away from home, and have a local farmer wave at you like you might be his neighbor?

I always wave back and feel like I suddenly belong there.

Waving started out as a distress signal because one can make oneself noticed from a distance. It has evolved into a greeting of Hello or Goodbye over the years. (except in some parts of Europe where it actually means No)

Waving is one of those gestures that allows us to let our guard down.

The act of being acknowledged with an open hand is comforting. It’s like saying, “See? Nothin’ up my sleeve!” or “I come in peace.” or “Here, read my palm so you can know who I am.”

We have to raise our arms to wave at someone so we must leave our bodies a little vulnerable. It’s an act of trust as well as an offering.

Imagine a world where everyone waved at strangers like those farmers on country roads.

We could all feel like we belong here.




~ by leakelley on January 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Waving in the Middle of Nowhere”

  1. I use to live in a community like you describe and I must say the big city makes you miss it.

  2. when i lived in italy, it always struck me as so warm and human that everyone says buon giorno or buona sera to complete strangers as they pass on the sidewalks…

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