Thank You for Human Touch

We are beings who need to touch and be touched.

Marasmus is a form of malnutrition that occurs in babies who do not metabolize proteins. Research has shown that babies who are deprived of touch can develop and even die of this disease— even if they are well fed.

Touch is a part of our developmental process (starting in the womb, skin and the nervous system are connected in the role of primary assimilation of information).

The deprivation of human touch can cause all manner of developmental problems in babies.

The lack of human touch in adults can also cause some trouble with our sense of well being and even our physical health.

The distressing part of loneliness in our culture of individuals who pride themselves in independence and self reliance is the lack of human touch.

Yeah, we have lots of human “contact” over the phone, on the internet, on the street, at work, etc.

But if you live alone without spouse or family, many days can pass without human touch and it can actually hurt you when those days add up to a big chunk of your life.

Deprivation of touch can make your chest ache when you are trying to fall asleep. It can eventually make you jumpy, anxious, or even depressed.

I am so fortunate to have friends to hug or folks that touch my arm when they talk to me.

Though I am not a real touchy-feely kind of gal, I am thankful for the touch of others and all that it adds to my  well being.

Hey, reach out and touch someone!


~ by leakelley on January 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Human Touch”

  1. Free hugs!

  2. Nice post Lea!

    I wholeheartedly agree. I remember a film in Chiro College showing the affects of lack of touch on an infant monkey. It was horrible. The unloved monkey became sullen and depressed and eventually psychotic.

    As a chiropractor, I know the power of touch. I believe it is what makes my health discipline so successful. We touch people.

    What did Jesus do when he met some poor sickly person? He touched them and they were healed!

    As our world gets more and more technology driven and people physically drift further apart in this digital age, human touch becomes even more important.

  3. I live in Blacksburg, VA. After the shootings at Virginia Tech last year, there was a group on campus with t-shirts advertising “Free Hugs!” They gave out a lot of them, and I think offered some great help to people who were hurting.

  4. Great post! My friend Melanie described me as “touchy-feely but not in a creepy way, more of a big cuddly teddy bear way who smells nice”. Human contact is a wonderful thing and a hug can make a miserable day brighter, in my humble opinion….

  5. puppy pile nice

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