Thank You for the Destiny of Raindrops

People are like Rain.

You can observe almost every personality type, every limited belief system, every social behavior, by watching raindrops on a window pane.

You can personify each individual raindrop, name it, and watch it glide to it’s destiny.

I usually attribute my own name to the raindrop that takes the path of least resistance, zig zagging across the pane, barely touching other raindrops on it’s gravitational path.

Some raindrops get stuck.

They don’t seem to move until some other raindrop comes along and adds weight to their path.

Others hit the window pane and fall straight to the bottom, clinging to all the raindrops in their way, taking them down.

There are raindrops that stay along the edges, spending their lives being absorbed into the window frame.

There are raindrops that stand in the spot where they landed, untouched by other raindrops, separate, just waiting… for the sun to come out and evaporate them.

Once in a while there is a raindrop that seems to defy gravity, appearing to ascend, quivering in resistance, catching a random gust of wind that lifts it, upward, above the others.

Little raindrops, cleaving to the glass, creating patterns that will define their existence, running into each other, resisting the fall, growing larger when they unite with others, creating new paths of direction in their connections, influenced by the winds of fate, making beauty.

The only way for a raindrop to get past the pane is through an open window.


~ by leakelley on December 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Thank You for the Destiny of Raindrops”

  1. it is just wonderful to hear you Your voice accompanies each entry, getting larger or smaller with the subject. fitting perfectly like art should to open windows. You are a classic. and should write a book. so the world can id you and teach the compassion Literature should model. thank you again.

  2. Stunning.

  3. That was lovely..and just what I needed this morning. Nancy

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