Thank you for Evicting the 1%

Notice of Eviction to the 1%

You have hypnotized us with svengali financial subversion to our democracy.

You have taken our jobs and replaced them with credit cards and bankster loans, promulgating a dangerous illusion that we still had opportunity to afford an American dream.

Under hypnosis, administered through your store bought media and marketing conglomerates, we were deceived and coerced into destructive consumerism to feed your interests in the oligarchy and elitist 1 %.

This occupy movement announces our wake up from conglomerate and financial hypnotism.

We have snapped our fingers and awakened.

And in this moment of awakening, our anger surfaces as a clear catalyst for change and reform.

We’re not talking about waiting on some vacant promise of change, here.

We’re talking about making this change now.

All across this country we are rising from hypnosis, snapping our own fingers, to demand that you withdraw your manipulations from our Democracy, our Legislative Process, our Representatives, and our Country.

We reclaim our Government.

You will no longer infiltrate our political system with your insidious lobbyists and coercive financial terrorist tactics.

We reclaim our jobs and initiate our own businesses.

You will no longer outsource our livelihoods to exploit desperate peoples of third world nations.

And we will wean ourselves from the products of the exploited.

We reclaim our children.

You will no longer engage them to fight and die in your profit wars under the guise of patriotic slogans and deceit. Nor will you steal their educational institutions.

We reclaim our public broadcasting.

We shun your mouthpieces and financial hostages of privatization in the field of journalism.

We reclaim our stolen money.

We withdraw your life support and redirect our finances into credit unions and public owned banks.

We will no longer be controlled through fear of your vapid threats to damage our credit scores.

We are not pieces of plastic or paper numbers that you can manipulate.

We are people and we will not serve you as political or financial tenant farmers on our own land.

Consider this a notice of eviction as the next step in our awakening.

We destroy your liens and leases on us. We cut up your credit cards.

Your credibility and your credit is no good here anymore.

The 99%                The fall of your power over us….Priceless.

The fall of your power over us….Priceless.


~ by leakelley on October 12, 2011.

One Response to “Thank you for Evicting the 1%”

  1. Lea, have the eviction notices been posted yet? Hopefully stapled to the foreheads of the 1%.

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