Thank You for Hybrid Humanoids and Terminator Seeds

With the advent of pesticides, biotechnology, genetic patents, and other nature altering mechanisms like the terminator seed, we are depleting our historical roots to nature and becoming more dependent on corporate farming—which is not like farming at all, but more like production.

The terminator seed creates a crop that does not reproduce a second generation of seeds.

My mom might have had a couple of these seeds in her womb.

Only one of her four offspring had progeny.

I wonder if my mom ever talked to anybody at Monsanto about this.

If Human seed production fell prey to the same corporate patents and gene splicing that food has been subjected to, we might be a little bit more resistant to pestilence, but we probably wouldn’t need to worry about our offspring—on account of… we wouldn’t have any.

We are beginning to see some of the ramifications of not adhering to that old adage “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.”

I’m wondering how far we will let this go before we understand that we really will reap what we sow.

Presently, humans cross pollinate.

We have the capacity to generate our own seeds and plant them wherever we want.

Nature likes it like that.

It creates human diversity and healthy people if they don’t breed with their cousins.

But what would happen if Monsanto decided they wanted to patent human seeds and create a terminator gene for a more sturdy crop of humanoids?

What if they told us it would better the world, alleviate diseases, and create a bountiful crop of shiny, happy people holding hands?

But what if the catch was…

There’s only going to be one crop of these people because they have a genetically modified terminator gene?

If you wanted more people, you’d have to buy breed seeds from the folks who held the patent and eliminated all the previous breed seeds through propaganda and lawsuits against organic birth givers.

Then what?

I’m just sayin’.

Maybe we should reconsider where we plant a terminator.

~ by leakelley on September 3, 2011.

One Response to “Thank You for Hybrid Humanoids and Terminator Seeds”

  1. Sowing the good seed is now, and forever, a subversive act.
    It’s one of the good fights.

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