Thank you for Owen Riley’s Story

When Owen was little, I would tell him stories.

Owen's Story

When he became a teenager, I told him more complex stories.

When Owen was twenty years old, he told me stories.

He has been gone so long, and I miss his laugh.

His mother, Linda tells Owen’s story so that others may not be alone in the grief of losing a child.

Mystery O. Riley

~ by leakelley on June 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “Thank you for Owen Riley’s Story”

  1. I hesitate to bring this up — but every time I hear of another young man disappearing and being found in the river, I think of the two detectives I heard on the radio discussing this investigation.

  2. I love this picture of you and Owen. He loved you so much. L.

  3. […] version of an appropriate song. Music obviously plays a huge part in her life. Thanks Lea for your post and photo of Owen at a young […]

  4. That is a picture of love..

    I wonder what it takes to get the media involved in a young mans disapperance? Why is a young man any different than a young woman?

    Maybe we should start a internet craze to Nancy Grace or Greta Van Susteren.

  5. He is just so adorable.

  6. So brief yet so poignant.

  7. the times remembered create the times to come

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