Thank you for Things I Have Been that I Am Not Now…

  • hungry
  • trapped at an airport in India
  • stuck on the San Diego freeway with a broken car at rush hour wearing ill fitting shoes
  • sleepless in the Black Rock Desert
  • afraid of a stranger
  • lost on a lonely road in Oregon in the rain
  • blind with a migraine
  • temporarily homeless
  • a palm reader
  • a social worker for abused children
  • in a church looking for “truth”
  • in line at a food bank
  • locked out of my house or car
  • driving a Uhaul down the 405 in LA at 5pm with a cat
  • living with strange people
  • out of cream in the morning
  • lonesome
  • in a hospital waiting room
  • at a funeral or memorial
  • a “suffering” artist
  • on a cruise ship in a storm
  • working in a junkyard
  • waiting for someone
  • at the dentist
  • short .07 cents for a cup of coffee
  • in Florida during the summer
  • the only female at a factory in Detroit
  • on crutches
  • embarrassed by my lack of Education
  • worried about a loved one
  • looking for a public restroom in San Francisco

Life is lookin’ pretty good these days!

In The Past 36x36 Acrylic and Gold on Canvas by Lea Kelley

~ by leakelley on May 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Things I Have Been that I Am Not Now…”

  1. Lea – you are so very inspiring! This is beautiful and I love the list. N

  2. I love this list too. It is a wonderful inverse of the gratitudes … though still grateful. My own list is already taking shape!

  3. Beautiful 🙂

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