Thank You for Generating Original Thought

There are very few original thoughts.

If you want to test how original thoughts are actually generated by the influence of environment, just try to Google a clever new name that has never been used for a web site or business.

Somebody, somewhere, probably already thought of it.

I have many thoughts that I think are original when they come to me, but if I look at them closely I find they are actually inspired by someone else’s original thought— I merely forgot the source along the way.

When a “new” song pops into my head I get so excited about how creative I am. Heheh… until I hear it on the radio sung by some emerging artist.

My  clever inventions, ideas, and concepts are frequently relegated to the collective “Been there, Done that” bin that sits outside the door of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Now, there are folks who have invented new mouse traps and split atoms and written dissertations on things that change Humanity and the World.

But their thoughts and inventions are not necessarily original, just developed from the ever evolving initial thought of the rest of us.

I think the most original thought probably had roots in “Hungry, must find food.” It just expanded into complex resolutions of our gradually multiplying necessities as a society.

What sometimes looks like an original thought or invention, may actually just be someone stepping outside the realm of thinking and applying an action word to the thought.

There are plenty of original actions.

So maybe original thought is not such a phenomenon to be aspiring to as original action. That’s where it counts, eh?

When original action gets into the world, it inspires so many original thoughts in others.

~ by leakelley on April 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Generating Original Thought”

  1. I get floored when that happens to me.

    I have found my bloggings posted on other sites as that persons.

    Change a word here and there.. make it slightly different.
    But it’s mine.

  2. It called the collective unconsous – We all feel the flow. Nothing’s original. jung said so.

  3. its a really interesting point, thanks for articulating it. its frustrating when you think you had a good idea but someone else thought it first!

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