Thank You for True Conspiracies

A conspiracy is a difficult activity to prove. It’s a secret, a nebulous secret, filled with info gaps and intangible truths that evade eye contact or tape recorders.

There are so many conspiracy theories!

From fake moon walks to putting viruses into public areas to sell stocks in pharmaceuticals, we are subject to being duped and manipulated.

1. ADL spying on Americans
2. Bernard Madoff
4. Dubai assassination
5. Enron
6. Gulf of Tonkin
7. Iran-Contra
8. Italian Mafia
9. Jonathan Pollard
10. Lavon Affair/Operation Susannah
12. Niger forgeries
13. Operation Gladio
14. Operation Mockingbird
15. Operation Northwoods
16. Propaganda Due
17. Reichstag Fire
18. Russian Mafia
19. USS Liberty attack and cover-up
20. Watergate

Okay, WHO is in charge of these things? The Government? Aliens? The Masons/ Knights Templars? JP Morgan? The Catholic Church? Mr. Wizard? I wanna know!

I want to sit down and have a little chat with the guy behind the curtain.

I want to know who benefits. I want to follow the money. I want to know WHY!

I mostly want to know why we must seek out secrets (or create secrets) to keep ourselves distracted and confirm nobody’s gonna pull the wool over our eyes while we buy into declarations made by people who live in the basement of their grandmother’s house and eat a lot of twinkies.

I want to know why we divert our attention to mysterious conspiracies as we simultaneously conform to blatant propaganda that actually affects our life on Earth.

Whatever happened to proof?

I wanna see the body of the alien from area 51.

I wanna inspect the laboratory that invented the ignorance pill.

I wanna hear the voice of the Virgin Mary speak to ME from a knot in a tree trunk.

I want to see the chart that shows all that chromosome damage from LSD.

I wanna see a UFO up close without the blurry, hand shaken video tape.

I wanna look the Loch Ness monster in the eye and shake hands with the ghost of Elvis.

And another thing, I don’t want to take any responsibility for investigating anything, exploring anything, or testing my own common sense against an onslaught of belief systems, superstitions, propaganda, or clinically-proven-to-make-you-look-sane-but-probably-causes-anal-leakage theories.

In fact, I would rather somebody else just brought the facts to me.

Yeah, put ‘em on my TV, my ipod, my screen saver, in my newspaper, on a billboard in a bikini, in an application on my cell phone, or on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Tell me the facts and where the guy behind the curtain lives— I’ll take it from there.



~ by leakelley on November 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for True Conspiracies”

  1. What was the old tv show with the line “just the facts ma’am”?

    I use the philosophy, Trust but Verify, as much as possible. It generally serves me well.

  2. It’s hard to find facts these days. I think there must be a conspiracy involved in hiding all the facts. They give us opinions and “official statements” instead.

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