Thank You for the Strong Arm

My Uncle Everett only had one arm.

He lost the other one in an accident, working at Dow Chemical in the early 60’s.

After he healed, Dow Chemical gave him a new job as a security guard— since he couldn’t do the job he had before with only one arm.

But Uncle Everett could do more with that one arm than any man with two.

I never heard him complain, cuss, or say anything bad about anybody.

He was a quiet sort of guy with a dutiful demeanor.

As a child, I would try to emulate Uncle Everett as he worked in the garage or did tasks around his house and yard.

I wanted to see how it felt to try to do things with just one arm.

I always gave up and ended up using both my arms, and remained in awe that he could accomplish the things he did.

He could paint a house, move furniture, and hug kids with that one arm.

Sometimes, when I feel limited by circumstance or feel like “my hands are tied” I think of those days when I would follow Uncle Everett around, trying to do the things he so creatively accomplished.

Sometimes, we just don’t know what we’re capable of until life shows us how strong we are.

And even though Uncle Everett was not the sort of guy to bully anyone or be pushy about anything, he sure did know how to Strong Arm a situation when it was needed.

Sometimes I need to Strong Arm myself in a situation when I think something is impossible.

And usually I find out that my strong arm is more creative than I thought.

~ by leakelley on October 7, 2010.

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