Thank You for A Co-Mission of Hope

I received an e-mail from a man in Qatar who wanted to purchase one of my paintings for his fiancé who lived in Jordan.

He had selected two pieces from my web site that were already sold.

But after a couple e-mails back and forth, he inquired if I could paint a custom painting specifically for her.

I explained I needed photos of her, information about things that held meaning in her life, art that inspired her, and colors she related to, for me to get a sense of who she was and inspire an artist/subject connection.

He sent all of the above, which I formed into an image and word collage to study prior to accepting the commission.

I reflected on the collage for hours and became mesmerized and inspired by the young woman, who lived on the other side of the world—a beautiful person who I have never met.

Her eyes, her interests, activities, and beliefs spoke to me from the collage, in a voice that touched my heart.

I was immediately inspired to paint my interpretation of this “conservative Sunni Muslim woman who was a strong advocate for women’s rights” with colors she had chosen to define herself and interests in greek mythology, art, and English Literature.

Most of the inspiration came from the photos and the colors she liked. There was something about her that took on meaning for me. Some how we both had the same wish for our world.

She began to represent something larger than a woman from a culture different than mine, a stranger on the other side of the planet, or a mere art subject.

The collage of this woman evolved into a meaningful image of the ways that we are all the same, feel the same and are connected—no matter the world circumstances that cultivate fear of one another, misunderstanding, or divisions in Humanity.

In my head a painting evolved and connected me to a young woman who I will probably never meet but will never forget… into a beautiful representation of “A Visionary of Hope”

I e-mailed the man in Qatar with what I would paint;

The Visionary of Hope

24×36 Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

I included my fee, the time frame it would take, and requirement for a deposit.

He e-mailed back with the deposit already placed into my Pay pal account.

And said…

“Her name means “Hope,” “promise,” and/or “expectation” in Arabic”

~ by leakelley on August 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “Thank You for A Co-Mission of Hope”

  1. You must, of course, post the painting when you are finished. This is such a beautiful story. Hope. There are no coincidences.

  2. That is beautiful, I hope we can also see the painting, Lea.

  3. Lea, I was deeply moved by this (((((HUGS)))))

  4. Wonderful! I hope we get to see the painting too.

  5. Wow Lea.

    Am I surprised? Nope. I can’t wait to see it! Which of your paintings did he originally want to buy?

  6. simply moving

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