Thank You for My “Choices”

It is 4:12 am. I woke up seventeen minutes ago to an entirely new life. I decided I would become a Liar. I now choose to be a Liar. I choose to abolish all self imposed integrity and all codes of conduct which I previously chose to live by in my life before 3:55 am on this day.

The ten commandments? Outta here!

That code I used to repeat to myself since adolescents  “Don’t do anything that would prevent you from running for Governor.”

Forget it!

That anxiety inducing  “do the right thing” business that would cause me to drive all the way back to a movie theater because I found a pen on the floor in the dark and put it in my purse and discovered when I got home it was a very expensive pen so returned it to the popcorn lady “I think someone dropped this during Dances With Wolves.”

Never again!

I have decided that I can now justify any immoral, illicit, or nefarious behavior I choose to demonstrate.

Here are some good justifications if you would like to join me in my new life changing, lying, stealing, and exploiting ways:

They ‘ll never know

They didn’t need it

They would have ripped me off if they could

No one will miss it

They’ll never find out

That person was an asshole anyway

I deserve this more than them

They didn’t respect me anyway

People are stupid, I’m just teaching them not to be so naive

Hey, this is just the way life is, get them before they get you

I realize this new life is going to take some effort on my part, maybe a little meditation and some affirmations to get me started but I think I can do it.

How am I doing with the first choice I made at 4:12 am?

I don’t feel so good.


The implication of this blog is that people make “choices” in regard to their behaviors.

I am not certain this is true.

Perhaps we are merely a product of socialization in which some receive different positive or negative reinforcement for certain behaviors.

If we were all exposed to the same environments, the same attitudes, or the same behaviors and role models, would we all behave the same?


~ by leakelley on August 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for My “Choices””

  1. Perfect. Point well made. We are indeed a product of our environment in so many ways, even down to the littlest things we do…mannerisms, tastes. Yes, there are some that can move beyond and pull themselves out, but I think people often overestimate just how difficult that can be.

  2. I am the creator of my experience here on the planet. I am responsible. I am also impacted by your experience of me and my actions. I am, because I choose. I am, because I am a part of you. You a part of me and my actions. We are not separate. We are one. We are together in the universe and beyond. We are all parts of the field.

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